Walking The Somme: Pals At Serre

This week we are once again back on the Somme, this time to visit the battlefield at Serre where the men from the Northern Pals battalions had their baptism of fire on 1st July 1916 – the First Day of the Battle of the Somme. We visit the cemeteries and memorials, hear about the veterans who were here and this week’s object is a photo of Harry Scargill of the Barnsley Pals.

To hear Reg Glenn’s full account on the Imperial War Museum’s Sound archive, click here. The extract from it used on the podcast is via their Non Commercial Licence, © IWM 33177.

To order Jon Cooksey’s superb book on the Barnsley Pals, click here.

Podcast Extras: WW1 Photos

Podcast Extras: The Serre Battlefield Today

27 Comments on “Walking The Somme: Pals At Serre

  1. Always nice yet poignant to see the pictures of the men you discuss. Harry Scargill looked the epitome of a WW1 era NCO.

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  2. Wow, another very moving podcast. The bravery of those men who did not and did survive is something truly to admire.


  3. After being at the Lochnagar Crater on the 1st July 2016, my wife and I chose to walk the Serre area of conflict that same afternoon. Your excellent podcast brought it all back. Gazing from the Pal’s positions, up the short slopes to the German line, in the summer with the larks singing, it is so difficult to envisage what suffering took place across what are now such peaceful fields.
    A lighter moment was experienced when we witnessed that very same farmer you referred to, having “words” with a motorist who had transgressed with his parking..!!

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  4. Paul, fabulous podcast, again. Always fantastic new pieces of information for me to think about and take with me on future visits to the battlefields. A nice dedication too to Jon Cooksey. I have come late to researching and learning about the First World War, but it’s pretty much in my life all the time now. One day I decided I wanted to read something different, and on a table in a bookshop was ‘Verdun 1916’ by Malcolm Brown and ‘Flanders 1915’ by Jon Cooksey. I bought them both. What two wonderful books to introduce yourself to the First World War and the Western Front. Those chaps started me on a journey of learning that I’m not sure will ever stop. Carl Dycer

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  5. Another great podcast and a great reminder of my first Walking the Somme trip with you and Vic in May 2002.

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  6. I am enjoying all these podcasts Paul but this one was especially moving. I was fortunate to meet Reg Glenn a couple of times through the WFA and visited the jumping off point for that attack at Serre and the memorial park. A superb series and a fitting memory to the men who served on the old front line.

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  7. The farmer is still protecting his lane. Walking up we got a fierce scowl as he drove past and some who had managed to get their cars to the Sheffield Park were forced into a rapid retreat in the opposite direction…….

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  8. On a more positive note, thé Park itself was beautiful. Just us there (everywhere is quiet even at weekends) just the birds in the trees, the atmosphere was calm peaceful and very reflective. Beautiful and highly recommended.

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