Walking Ypres: Kemmel Hill

In this episode we walk from the village of Locre (now Loker) to Kemmel Hill in Flanders. Along the way we discuss men who were Shot at Dawn, an Irish Nationalist MP Willie Redmond, life behind the lines and the importance of the high ground at Kemmel Hill and the often forgotten role of French troops here in 1918. Our Great War object is a frame containing a WW1 Memorial Plaque.

Podcast Extras: WW1 Photos

Podcast Extras: The Battlefield Today

Podcast Extras

12 Comments on “Walking Ypres: Kemmel Hill

  1. Another brilliant podcast, informative and respectful. Thanks for doing these.


  2. Great stories……many years since I’ve been there but remember the trip well as it was raining and I fell over! Great rescue of the Death penny……..And another great pod…..Keeping on podding!

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  3. Another excellent podcast from Paul. I have been driven through the Kemmel area with Leger but never stopped there. It was good that Paul put the shot at dawn debate in its wider historical context. Looking at the photo of Frank Plumb in Great War lives, the plastic surgeon seems to have done a very good job.

    Good also that Paul explained the change of place name spellings after the war. Recently I changed my Will to make a small bequest to the Last Post Association in “leper”. The solicitor sent the draft will back to me saying that it needed to be corrected to Ypres. Naturally I put her right!

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  4. Thanks once again! Another brilliantly put together podcast where you can sit, listen, look and try, at least, to picture what these brave people went through.

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  5. My great uncle was part of the Salford Pals. Thought I’d read somewhere that they fought at Kemmel?
    Another excellent podcast.
    Keep them coming

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  6. He was in 15th battalion. Sadly died of his wounds 17th April 1918, following a trench raid. Buried in Doullens Communal extension.

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