Walking Gallipoli: W Beach

In this episode we move to Gallipoli, a battlefield in Turkey where British and Commonwealth soldiers landed on 25th April 1915. Here we visit Lancashire Landing Cemetery, walk down to W Beach and look at the story of the ‘six VCs before breakfast’. Our object this week is a WW1 photo album with private images taken at Gallipoli in 1915.

Podcast Episode Photographs

5 Comments on “Walking Gallipoli: W Beach

  1. Thanks Paul. I visited Gallipoli last year with the Gallipoli Association, and your podcast brought back some interesting memories. By the way, I had the pleasure of joining you on a Legers Western Front some years ago.


  2. Another terrific podcast. I love the website format, which enables me to view the photos as I’m listening. I’ll give the Facebook page a look as well.


  3. Another great talk……you should do one on the Manchester Brigade at Krithia perhaps?


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